A temporary installation for the terrace of Senato Hotel Milano
Conceived by Gian Paolo Venier, this temporary installation on top of Senato Hotel Milano set out from the idea of urban nature.

Amplifying the existing greenery by complementing it with man-made forms, the installation was on show for 6 months and featured Gian Paolo’s 2017 mary& collection.

Teak wood, wicker, and rattan were transformed in order to convey a sense of contrast. The designer’s architectural and graphic gesture used only black and white – two “non-colors” – to pay an abstract homage to the sunny and dry Mediterranean landscapes dear to him.
The rooftop was divided into different areas which could be reconfigured by guests at leisure. Three central loungers served multiple purposes, from sunbathing to sitting sideways.

As a cue to Milan’s fashion district, neighboring the hotel, Gian Paolo also mixed in a theme of frayed edge fabric, found in the sun shade sails, in the lanterns and even in the weaving patterns of the rattan.