A new concept of luxury hotel suite
On the occasion of the SIA Guest Rimini luxury hotel fair (October 2018), Gian Paolo Venier rethought the usual hotel room as an unplugged and multisensorial environment: drawing from the carefree atmospheres of his childhood the designer created a fresh and nonconformist suite in which technology was not welcome.

Made in collaboration with mary& – and other excellent furniture & design brands – “Sottobosco” was an unusual concept of hotel room, in constant balance between indoor and outdoor. The open and fluid space facilitated the contamination among the various environments and suggested a cosmopolitan and casual lifestyle.

Designed as a fresh and regenerating oasis, where to feel at ease away from haste and stress, the suite was defined by textured surfaces – in shades of white, black and green – and by custom furnishings of relaxed elegance chosen from the catalogues of mary& and the other brands, in a suggestive choreography of full and empty volumes and of matt and glossy elements.
A non-finished-looking texture covered the walls and framed the ceiling in semi-transparent fabric from which a lush nature emerged. On the floor a herringbone ceramic flooring run seamlessly from the entrance to the wet area and also enriched the high headboard of the queen size bed which was flanked by a pair of ceiling lamps.

In the bathroom/open-spa area, two large basins in rough concrete dialogued with the tailor-made wall at the end of the room realised by mary&.

Finally, a note of musk – made to measure by the noses of an Italian brand – enriched the sensory experience, in an invitation to let go, lulled by the dreamy atmosphere.