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We are constantly implementing and upgrading our distribution network. If you are interested in distributing our products or representing our brand, we would love to hear from you.

Are you a DESIGNER

With over 40 years of manufacturing experience at MIA Collections we know what it takes to help designers and architects realize their memorable interiors with custom products and special finishings. We are always looking for new design adventures so, if you feel that mary& can be the right partner for your retail & hospitality concept, we are eager to hear from you.


Available in a wide range of colours and finishings, and always delivered quickly and efficiently, our collections are fully customizable for contract projects refined in every detail. Marked by their indoor/outdoor character the pieces are designed for projects of strong personality.

Are you a PRIVATE ?

Have an interior project in mind and are looking for the right partner? Let us accompany you in the design & realization of your dream. Visit our showroom and meet our curator, Mary Andronikos. She is always happy to put her knowledge and taste at the disposal of people who want to live in memorable interiors!

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The 40-year long manufacturing experience of MIA Collections is at the core of the DNA of mary& and we know the value of a fully customized project. That’s why we encourage our clients to challenge us with new concepts and realizations. Don’t be afraid of asking us the impossible.